Gov. Bevin signs “transformational” performance funding bill for higher education

Gov. Matt Bevin ceremonially signs SB 153, the new performance funding bill while campus presidents and representatives look on.
Gov. Matt Bevin ceremonially signs SB 153, the new performance funding bill, with campus presidents and representatives in attendance.

Campus presidents and their representatives gathered at the State Capitol June 28 for Gov. Matt Bevin’s ceremonial signing of SB 153, the new performance funding bill for public colleges and universities. In addition to Bevin, speakers offering brief remarks included: Dr. Aaron Thompson, executive vice president of the Council on Postsecondary Education; Western Kentucky University President Gary Ransdell who chaired the Working Group; and Sen. David Givens, the bill’s sponsor.

I think Senate Bill 153 is, arguably, the most significant higher education legislation since House Bill 1, the Postsecondary Education Improvement Act of 1997 that created the CPE and KCTCS and enacted in the Special Session of May 1997 under Gov. Paul Patton.
Aaron Thompson, CPE executive vice president

The bill changes how the universities are funded with General Fund appropriations. The new funding model is tied to three key components--campus enrollment, campus program mix and mission, and campus performance. Of these, performance is the largest component, tied to 70 percent of the funds. Performance elements include the number of degrees produced, the progression of students toward degrees in a timely manner, and the number of credit hours that are earned by students as they progress toward graduation, among other metrics.

Photos courtesy of Scott Chase, Governor’s office.